Meet Our Team


Jannie and Theresa Swart took over Bateleur Helicopters as new owners in 2018. Jannie woke up one morning and told Theresa that he wants to buy a Helicopter, not sure what to do with it, but he was crystal clear that he wants a Helicopter. A few years later, after making that decision, they were in the position where they are now, to live a dream that came true.



I’m employed by Bateleur Helicopters doing Scenic Flights and Specialized Photography Flights.

I’m living my dream of Flying Helicopters, making it my passion to fly our customers safely and efficiently and providing excellent service.


My name is Florence Beffa. Growing up in a small mountain town in Switzerland, I spent my childhood immersed in nature. This connection to the natural world developed my passion for helicopter flying and photography in later years. Nature has always felt like home, and I deeply care about mother nature’s beauties.

My love for photography has helped me keep my sense of wonder for the simple things in life and I love to share those passions with my passengers


I have been with the company for almost 7 years, I am the Chief Pilot as well as the person responsible for ensuring that our helicopter fleet maintenance is kept to a high standard.

I love my occupation and have a huge passion for Helicopters. Everyone should experience the freedom of a helicopter flight at least once in their lifetime.

My speciality is aerial works which include game capture and aerial photography and filming.


The Bateleur Helicopters Team will be incomplete if it were not for their Office team, the office team make sure that all bookings are taken, that you are on time for your booking, that you are in the weight limitations, and ensure to allocate a pilot for your flight.

All customers are treated the same and for them, all customers are their VIP customers. They take extra good care of you, and they are always friendly and helpful.

Carlita Goabab is our Booking consultant and the assistant in the office, don’t forgot to ask for a cup of coffee when you have a seat with her, as she is the office coffee magician.

Lezanne Röhl is our Office Manager, she specializes in planning the finer details and logistics for specialized trips and safaris. She also knows Namibia as the palm of her hand, if you need advice from Namibia, you can speak to her. 

Experience the world's oldest desert from a bird's eye view.

Why to fly with us

  • 100% Safety Record
  • Five-star rating on Trip Advisor
  • Unique Flying Experience
  • Helicopter can hover, make slow manoeuvres & quick turns
  • We can remove the helicopter’s doors for better photographic shots
  • Communicate with the pilot throughout the flight via headset
  • We can fly you at lower altitudes for a better view
  • 360 Degree View
  • All seats get photo opportunities
  • Unique photography opportunity