About Us

OUR VISION is to provide you with a world-class experience, and a birds-eye view of the majestic landscapes of Namibia.

The Helicopter Industry has a big scope that can be filled through Bateleur Helicopters.

Bateleur Helicopters is a Namibian Company based in Swakopmund as the main-base and the sub-base is at Sossusvlei Lodge.

It is the goal of Bateleur Helicopters to create a business that provides the customer with a seamless service, an experience that will build up a relationship with all customers and retaining all customers.

The company is focused to do all kind of aerial work throughout Namibia and take part in the tender processes from the specific companies or organizations. The company want to expand the Helicopter Industry to the ordinary level.

Bateleur Helicopters is owned by Jannie Swart with a phenomenal team behind him.

The company gives the best training to their employees to ensure you to get the highest service levels that can be provided to all customers. The team is delegated to assist the needs of the customer in any category and give a professional and safe service.

This Company initially do Helicopter Scenic Flights, Helicopter Safaris, Specialized Flights, Game Capture/counting Flights, Offshore Operations, Geologically Surveys, the planning is to do other aerial operations as well. The fleet consist of Robinson R44 II Helicopters, Bell Helicopters and Eurocopters. The service is for everyone, whether it is individuals, tourists, corporate customers, young ones, elderly, disable or normal, locals, or even for gaining data for the geologically part, or moving an animal to a new location, striving to cater for everyone’s need.